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NLP Training, Advanced NLP, NLP practitioner, NLP Master practitioner, speedreading, communication

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Looking for a training that will improve your communication skills? A training that will bring you insight in how you think, how you feel and how you function? How other think, feel and act? How you can choose your state, to be able to speak in public, to be more efficient and experience your power both in your private and professional life? Or are you looking for coaching skills? An NLP training offers you all of this.

For me, training is not just a transfer of knowledge, it is more the creation of a context in which the participant can develop him/herself in a way that he/she finds important or needs it in that moment.

During the course of an NLP training, you learn techniques, patterns to communicate more efficiently, you learn how to create 'rapport' and to keep 'rapport. You will learn to know yourself better, how do you function? how do other function? The training offers a number of patterns that can help you coach others and also yourself. But way more than this, it will help you to evolve, to get more in harmony with yourself. The results of an NLP training will benefit you both in private and professional contexts, they are lasting and the skills you learn will be available to you during the rest of your life. An NLP training is different from what I call 'feel good' trainings, in which you will get at kick and feel good and whose results will wear off without offering you lasting skills.

I have had the honor to train and assist with John Grinder (co-developer of NLP), Carmen Bostic and Michael Caroll. I have been an assistant in different NLP schools both in Belgium and abroad. This has enabled me to distill a unique style that combines strong elements from different sources.

All trainings are based on NLP in his most pure form but are given from an Advanced NLP* viewpoint, offering a unique style in Belgium.

For longer term trainings we always start with a personal intake session to make sure that the training will give you the results you are looking for in that moment.

I consider it a personal challenge to make sure that participants get the results they want out of a training in which they invest time and money.

For more information on the different trainings please have a look on the agenda.

* Advanced NLP is the latest set of developments in NLP,

Some recent quotes of participants:

"I followed the NLP practitioner training with the intention to further develop myself as a trainer and a coach. And yes, I did get a lot of insights and did learn a number of patterns that can apply on a daily basis. Nlp helps me to better understand how people (clients, participants, friends...) function, it helps me to help them in a non-judging way to develop themselves, to make them conscious of how they function and perform, of their patterns and options. I can teach them patterns so that they reach the goals they set for themselves"

"And I have learned a lot about myself. These techniques and patterns help to make decisions, to make better decisions as it seams, more congruent with my whole being. I use a number of these patterns - even in an unconscious way - when communication with people, and they experience me as a better listener. And as an additional benefit, NLP enables me to get to get faster and more efficiently to the core of problems and conflicts enabling me to resolve them, thus offering me a substantial gain in time."

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