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Most of us get stuck from time to time. It seems as if we don't have any options left. We suddenly discover a 'problem', something that 'stops' us, we feel stuck in a specific context, we don't see the way anymore, we hear only noise and ask ourselves 'how the hell did I get here?'....

If we don't take care of these issues, they can grow, become more present or important in our lives. Burn-out, depression, remaining fear etc. can all point to such 'issues'. Or it can just be an allergy to 'pollen' for example... Coaching can help find options, create choice, it can be a step to healing and to personal evolution.

Coaching is not an alternative to a medical diagnosis or treatment, it can be supportive of it.

My coaching aims at giving people insights in how they function, it offers techniques and patterns that people can use. I particulary try to teach clients how they can help themselves so that they don't become dependent on a coach. Mostly I use NLP for this, supported by Trauma Healing where necessary.

My purpose in coaching is to create a save context in which the client can find options.

Every client is different and requires a personalised treatment.

Before starting a coaching we offer a free and non binding intake session so that both of us can check if we want to go for it.

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