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Who is Filip De Vos?

Voorbeeld Who is Filip De Vos?

Already when I was very young I was very curious with a strond drive willing to learn. Originally my interest was especially in science and technology but growing into adolescence I became attraced to the beta sciences, I became interested in the 'human an sich'. So at university I stared my studies in Philosophy. After a couple years I came to the conclusion the philosophy was not bringing me the answers I was looking for.

So I went back to a more technical study and finished my education as a professional Sound Engineer at the I.A.D. in Louvain-La-Neuve. At the same time this gave me the opportunity to bring my french language fluency up to level. I started working almost immediately (mostly in pro audio sales) but kept my interest in how humans function and interact. An avid reader since a very early age, I started to build up knowledge reading books about personal development.

On a certain day driving the car there was a program on the radio about 'Smart Reading', a way to read through a (scientific) book at a much higher speed than we had been learned when young. I did not hesitate a second and applied for that training. I still use that skill and even more, I now even teach it myself in my own special way.

During this speed reading training the trainer learned us how to set an 'anchor' to get into a state of rest. He explained that this was a pattern from N.L.P. That really triggered my curiosity so via google I found some info and ordered a book that was going to change my life. A next search brought me to an NLP training in Belgium and the rest is history. I was hooked from the start and knew very fast that this was a model I was going to teach my self.

Following the drive to get to the core of things and keeping a critical state of mind, I went to follow NLP trainings in 2 different institutes in Belgium. But my search for perfection brought me to John Grinder, co-developer of NLP. This again was a huge eye-opener, I realized I had to start learning NLP almost from the start again. I still go every year to assist in a training with John Grinder, to stay flexible and keep learning. I completed my NLP training with Ericksonian hypnosis and Preverbal Trauma Healing work.

I still want to evolve as a person and as a trainer. A big focus in my trainings (and coaching) is on self-application, giving people the skills and ability to evolve in the different contexts of their lives.

All ways lead to the same (or to nowhere), so choose a way with a heart! (free after Carlos Castaneda).

Education: Philosophy (V.U.B.), Sound Engineer (I.A.D), NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner (HOI), NLP certified Trainer (Arcturus), Practitioner Ericksonian Hypnosis (NYT, Anné Linden), Self-Hypnosis (Steven Goldstone), Enneagram (Clerinx, Plusquin), New Code NLP Practitioner (NLP Academy), International NLP Trainer (NLP Academy),Advanced Code NLP Master Trainer , Preverbal Trauma Healing Certified (Andrea Wandel), Advanced Preverbal Trauma Healing (Andrea Wandel),...

Assistantships: NLP Pract. and Master Pract (HOI, Arcturus, IN2Motivation), New Code NLP Practitioner (Grinder, Bostic, Caroll) in Amsterdam, Vienna, Murcia, Sesimbra), Leadership and spirituality (Arcturus), Healing Your Origin (Andrea Wandel),.....

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